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2 weeks post leveling

The two crucial practices that often get confused are lawn leveling and lawn grading. While both aim to enhance or solve the health of your lawn, they serve distinct purposes. Let's dive into the disparities between these two techniques.

Lawn Leveling:

Lawn leveling primarily focuses on achieving a smooth and even surface across your lawn. It involves addressing minor irregularities, bumps, and depressions that can detract from the aesthetics of your yard and impede proper water drainage. Common tools used for lawn leveling include leveling rakes, drag mats, and topdressing materials like sand or soil mix.

The process of lawn leveling typically begins by identifying uneven areas and systematically distributing leveling materials to create a uniform surface. This practice not only enhances...


Picking a Landscaping company can be difficult and we understand that. We know every landscaping company offers every service available. Is this a good thing or bad? Hiring a company based off price is where we believe the issue starts. We make sure to explain why our prices are different. Quality is in the details! Do you know that trimming trees at the wrong time of year can create disease and potentially kill them? Is this cost savings worth the price to have to replace a dead tree? What about doing masonry work? We see jobs all the time where the stone work breaks and falls apart with in a couple years. Is this worth the cost to have to redo it every couple years? This is why we searched out the people and companies who do things right! Contact us for a free estimate!


Are you considering using sand to leveling your lawn, but unsure which material to choose? We understand that every yard is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our team does not blindly quote jobs without first examining any underlying issues that may be present.

At Central Texas Lawn Leveling, we have been using straight masonry sand for many years with great success. However, we recently switched to a custom 80/20 blend of Sand & High Organic matter Compost to produce a Topdressing mix that provides the superior leveling qualities of sand but also aids in the improving of water and nutrient retention.

While straight masonry sand can cause drying out in hot temperatures, our custom topdressing blend provides additional water retention which aids in helping your grass recover as the summer heat continues. Not only have we made this important change without raising prices, but we also feel it is in the best interest of our clients. We offer it at a competitive price range equivalent to what 100% Masonry Sand currently sells for.

Just as new...


When you’re looking for help with your lawn care and lawn leveling needs, you want to be sure that you’re working with a professional team who is experienced. At Central Texas Lawn Leveling we know that building trust with our customers is key, and that’s one of the reasons why you can trust us with your lawn leveling needs. Here are three top reasons why you can trust us with your lawn leveling and other services.

Specialized Services

While experience in the lawn care industry is helpful, it’s also important to know how to perform specialized services. Lawn leveling isn’t a service that just any company can perform, or at least not perform well. That’s why you can trust our team — we’re specialists in lawn leveling and care, so we have the knowledge and tools needed to provide you with the services you need.

Fast Return Time

Have you ever called a service provider or reached out to inquire about services only to be left waiting on a call back for days or even weeks? It’s...


At Central Texas Lawn Leveling, caring for your lawn and turf is our top priority. We have a passion for lawn and turf leveling and maintenance. With an experienced crew and backed backed by an agronomist, we’re here to help you make sure that your yard is safe, enjoyable, and comfortable for you and your family. Our work started with our founder working on his own lawn, so you know that we’ll treat your lawn like it’s our own! ​


When it comes to leveling a yard it really depends on how bumpy it is and what the overall plan is. If you're not interested in cutting with a REEL Mower and your yard has dips of 1/2" or more, we will recommend using screened loam. Screened Loam is already made up of 40-60% Sand and the rest of Clay/Silt.

We really don't want the clay, but we want something that will retain water and nutrients from Fertilizer. This will help in the Hot months of July, August, September when watering your lawn to keep it green and lush. Leveling with Sand is normally 3X more expensive and provides no value other than leveling. Over time the root system will build it's own Organic Material which will help retain water and nutrients. For those who chose to skip the Loam generally know more about grass and have their own treatment plans that will add Organic Material(OG%) through the treatment program.


Your lawn is the presentation card of your home and, for most people, it’s the first thing they see and what they’ll most remember. That being the case, you want to make sure that your lawn looks great and the team at Central Texas Lawn Leveling is here to provide the right service to do just that. In today’s blog, we want to expand on the many benefits of lawn leveling for your home in Georgetown, Texas.

Makes Your Lawn Easier to Maintain

One thing is certain, maintaining your lawn might not be the most fun aspect of having a home. That’s why, aside from making your lawn look great, lawn leveling is such a sought-after service — making it easier to maintain your lawn will give you back time of your week to enjoy with your family.

Improves Drainage

A lawn that doesn’t drain well can become a problem in the long run. Your grass and other plants can get diseases and fungus due to this problem and you might even start seeing puddles or mud pools that might deter you from enjoying your...


There are peak months when it is ideal to level you lawn. We recommend requesting this services between April to September. Why does this matter? These months are the most active growth growing, which is essential if you want to level your lawn.


First, what is lawn leveling you might ask? If you have ever noticed that your lawn is uneven, often due to New built home, New additions such as a walkway, leveling your lawn ensures a smooth surface. This service starts the process of removing those bump in your lawn. #lawnleveling


Central Texas Lawn Leveling offers the best lawn leveling services in Central Texas. We understand the importance of a beautiful, well-maintained lawn, and our service experts can get the job done! Regardless of your lawn care needs, we offer specialized services to fit exactly what you’re looking for, and our high-quality services surely won't disappoint. Lawn leveling can be performed for several reasons, and we encourage you to read below to discover more about this service. Get a quote today!

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When it comes to your yard, weeds and other invaders can cause problems with both growth and visual appeal. Our Lawn Care Program, specializes in providing professional lawn care services for homes in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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It can be easy to forget about lawn care during the winter months. After all, when it's cold, who wants to be outside when they can be inside in the warmth? However, lawn care in the winter is just as important as lawn care in the summer — even here in Central Texas. In this post from our team at CTXLL, we'll discuss why winter lawn care is so important. Learn more below and contact us today for winter lawn care services in Central Texas!

Beautiful healthy lawn

Pre-emergent herbicides are a key part of any lawn care program. Used properly, they can prevent many common weeds from ever taking hold in your yard.

We use pre-emergent herbicides as part of our landscape management services. We recommend them to our clients because they are an effective way to control weeds.

There are a few things you should know about pre-emergent herbicides before you use them. In this blog post, we'll help you better understand what pre-emergent is and why you need it for your lawn. Schedule an appointment with us today!


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