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"Highly recommend"

"Reel Cut Landscaping and Lawn Leveling is the company to hire for any yard needs and projects. Initially, Brandon was giving us fertilizer and mowing assistance. We soon realized that wouldn’t be enough in order to achieve our dream yard and the only solution would be to have it leveled. That in itself is quite a job, but did I mention the size of our yard?! The team did a great job from start to finish with results noticeable by simply walking across it after day one. No more massive holes or dips! We look forward to seeing the progress in full as our grass comes in evenly and we’re able to enjoy our yard even more. Highly recommend this company and this service!"

- Lauren Beach


"Massive difference"

"Huge “Thank You” to Brandon and Reel Cut Landscaping & Lawn Leveling. My front and back yard are looking amazing after he did an aeration and top dressing on my 2 year old Bermuda grass. Went from mildly green and patchy in early spring to a super dark, thick and lush lawn in just a few weeks. Great communication and ability to follow through on what he says he’ll do. Very knowledgeable about what your grass will need in order to thrive thought out the season. Highly recommend getting Reel Cut involved in your lawn! Pictures are from during his aeration and then a few weeks later and several mowings. Massive difference."

- James Goin


"Knocked it out of the park"

"Brandon and team were great to work with. He knew I was excited to get this project going and he kept me updated on where in the schedule I was. The team came and knocked it out of the park.

On my way to having a golf course quality yard."

- Brian Tweedt


"I'll be sure to call them again"

"If you've found this business listing, then you're likely like me who was looking for the leveling work that no other company was willing to do. I spent well over a year calling around to other landscaping companies only to be offered fertilization programs and weekly mowing. Failing that, I tried to do it myself and after a few dirt piles, I decided I liked my spine. Finally found Reel Cut Landscaping in Google earlier this year and got an immediate call back from Brandon.

Brandon and his team did a scalp, core aerate and lawn leveling to set up the lawn for the summer season and so far it's coming in great. Before I would scalp at 2 inches but now reel mowing is possible thanks to their work. There's a couple more spots left to get that nice sub inch reel mow but I'll be sure to call them again once the lawn is ready again for a second pass."

- Andy Hsu


"They did a fantastic job"

"Brandon and his team are amazing. Brandon is extremely knowledgable and fun to work with. He has helped me come up with a plan to change my soil composition to have the needed nutrients to feed may lawn.

They did a fantastic job coring and leveling my yard, brought in nutrient rich material and leveled out all the ruts and uneven areas I was dealing with.

This pic is 9 days after, I could not have expected such a dramatic change in color.

I'm looking forward to future phases of work with Brandon and his team!"

- Matt Sivells

"They treat your lawn as if it is their own"

"Brandon and his crew are meticulous and thorough with everything they do to your lawn. They treat your lawn as if it is their own and the service, methods and equipment they use is top notch. I paid for scalping, aeration and top dressing and I think it was worth every penny. Make sure you ask them all the questions you have about your lawn, because they are experts in the field and give great guidance and advice!"

- Johnny Lee

"Brandon and his crew are the best"

"Brandon and his crew are the best. always on time, no playing around they jump in and get the job done efficiently and quickly. I've been a customer of Brandon's for two years, I have recommended his service to family, friends and neighbors all of whom have been equally satisfied. I look forward to each year to see how much better my lawn can be. Their the best!!!"

- Tom Tucker

"He very responsive and puts out quality work"

"Brandon is awesome! He very responsive and puts out quality work and cares about the end result. He has leveled my yard, he has core aerated and top dressed my yard. He just recently applied a river rock boarder along my fence and around my shed. The other main detail for me is that when they leave, he does not leave a mess. Just like anything, go over the details with Brandon and he will make it happen. I told him about my concerns with top dressing having large pieces of bark and rocks, I mow my yard with a reel mower and the normal debris from top dressing will damage my mower. He went out of his way to find a special mix that has been screened and removed all the large pieces."

- Mark Mendiola

"Highly recommended!!!"

"Brandon came to my home last spring (2021) and helped me get rid of tons of weeds in my front and back yards. They just disappeared. I was very pleased with his knowledge and professionalism, thus I took his offer to do a full treatment to my yards this year. I can see my grass turning greener and the weeds dying at the same time. Highly recommended!!!"

- Carlos Monagas

"Brandon and his crew did an awesome job with my back yard"

"Brandon and his crew did an awesome job with my back yard. After we put in our pool, the backyard was a mess. He came in, raked up and hauled away all the excess dirt and debris, spread loam, leveled the yard and laid down sod. It looks great. I would highly recommend Reel Cut Landscaping for your next project!"

- Erik Pinter

"You can tell he’s passionate about what he does."

"Brandon has done my yard for two years. Does an Absolutely amazing job. I had so many weeds and my grass was pretty much dead. He came and revived my yard and turned it into an amazing green yard for me and my family. You can tell he’s passionate about what he does. Highly recommend him."

- Joshua Smith

"I will use them for all my lawn care needs"

"Great job! Services done in a timely manner. I received what I asked for. The guys from Reel Cut Landscaping and Lawn was very pleasant and polite. I will use them for all my lawn care needs in the future for sure and would recommend the company to anyone."

- Franklin Veal


"I was hesitant in having our lawn scalped. After Brandon completed his work, I was amazed. Why did I wait so long for this. Work was completed as he scheduled and clean up was great.

Don't be concerned about this process, because YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS with Brandon doing the work."

- Bill Rosensteel

"Gave me some great advise"

"It's refreshing to talk to a business owner that does what he says and says what he does. He doesn't suggest anything he hasn't done or won't do, to his own yard. Gave me some great advise and eventhough it might have cost him a couple bucks in the short term it means I'll keep coming back to him."

- Cory G

"They did a great job scalping our lawn"

"Step 1 in a great lawn is calling these guys. They did a great job scalping our lawn. Thanks so much!"

- Sarah Delmas