An Introduction

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We understand the importance of trust and quality and we have listened to our customers and provided a solution. A couple concerns from clients have been Lawn Care programs that don't work. Landscaping like masonry cracking and falling apart. We took it upon ourselves to search out the best people and companies who can offer a service were willing to back up. Click below to get more details about each service!

What We Do Best


Award Winning Landscaping

We take pride in bringing quality Landscaping to your home.

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High-Quality Lawn Leveling

Improve family enjoyment when playing on the lawn

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Award Winning Lawn Care

Award Winning Lawn Care Programs

We offer everything from soil testing to aeration & Topdressing.

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Lawn Leveling with Masonary Sand


"Highly recommend"

"Reel Cut Landscaping and Lawn Leveling is the company to hire for any yard needs and projects. Initially, Brandon was giving us fertilizer and mowing assistance. We soon realized that wouldn’t be enough in order to achieve our dream yard and the only solution would be to have it leveled. That in itself is quite a job, but did I mention the size of our yard?! The team did a great job from start to finish with results noticeable by simply walking across it after day one. No more massive holes or dips! We look forward to seeing the progress in full as our grass comes in evenly and we’re able to enjoy our yard even more. Highly recommend this company and this service!"

- Lauren Beach


"Massive difference"

"Huge “Thank You” to Brandon and Reel Cut Landscaping & Lawn Leveling. My front and back yard are looking amazing after he did an aeration and top dressing on my 2 year old Bermuda grass. Went from mildly green and patchy in early spring to a super dark, thick and lush lawn in just a few weeks. Great communication and ability to follow through on what he says he’ll do. Very knowledgeable about what your grass will need in order to thrive thought out the season. Highly recommend getting Reel Cut involved in your lawn! Pictures are from during his aeration and then a few weeks later and several mowings. Massive difference."

- James Goin


"Knocked it out of the park"

Brandon and team were great to work with. He knew I was excited to get this project going and he kept me updated on where in the schedule I was. The team came and knocked it out of the park.

On my way to having a golf course quality yard.

- Brian Tweedt