Lawn Leveling

This is the first time these kids have been able to freely run around their yard without their parents worry about them tripping on the uneven ground.

Improve the apperance and usability of your lawn

This is the first time these kids have been able to freely run around their yard without their parents worry about them tripping on the uneven ground.

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Lawn Leveling

There are several reasons anyone should be looking for lawn leveling services in Central Texas. It’s unfortunate that sod-laying companies and home builders have cut corners, and your yard isn’t the safest place to play or enjoy family time. At Central Texas Lawn Leveling, we use the same equipment golf courses use such as spreading machines, leveling rakes, and custom-made drags that allow us to smooth out material to eliminate the ankle-breaking patches in your lawn.

Reasons to level your lawn:

  • Minimize scalp marks in your yard during mowing
  • Allows you to mow with a reel mower
  • Makes mowing easier in general
  • Removes dips in lawn that can lead to trips, falls, or injury
  • Adds curb appeal
  • Improves family enjoyment when playing on the lawn
  • Allows for proper drainage
  • It's the first and most important step for lawn enthusiasts to work toward having a golf course quality lawn
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Top dressing:

Reasons to Top dress your Lawn:

  • Improves Soil — Top dressing adds nutrients to your lawn organically.

  • Helps Seed Germinate — If overseeding your lawn, topdressing allows seeds to make direct contact with soil which is best for germination.

  • Breaks Down Thatch — The topdressing material helps to break down the thatch layer in your lawn.

  • Helps Renovating Distressed Lawn — If there are bare spots on your lawn, or if your lawn is being crowded out by weeds, topdressing is your best bet for correcting soil conditions and incorporating new seeds.

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How Core Aeration helps:

  • Aeration increases oxygen, water, and nutrient movement through the soil.

  • Aeration allows for better absorption of rainfall and irrigation.

  • Aeration helps develop a topsoil layer underneath the grass.

  • Aeration prevents fertilizer and pesticide runoff.

  • Aeration inhibits thatch accumulation.

  • Allows us to change soil composition prior to leveling.

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What is the Lawn Leveling Process?

Depending on how uneven your lawn is, this process can take anywhere from 1-3 sessions to get it completely leveled. The majority of our customers can start to cut their lawns at half of the height than they previously were able to after the first leveling.

After the second session, you'll be able to cut on the lowest setting, which is usually 1.25” for a standard rotary mower. However, Bermuda/Zoysia can be cut at 1/4”-1” any time of the year. We strongly encourage all our customers to use a reel mower.

As we change the composition of the ground with coring and leveling, the Bermuda/Zoysia roots can then be pushed to grow deeper into the soil, making your lawn stronger and healthier to ward off disease and also be able to deal with high temperatures.

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