What Material Should I Use To Level My Lawn?

When it comes to leveling a yard it really depends on how bumpy it is and what the overall plan is. If you're not interested in cutting with a REEL Mower and your yard has dips of 1/2" or more, we will recommend using screened loam. Screened Loam is already made up of 40-60% Sand and the rest of Clay/Silt.

We really don't want the clay, but we want something that will retain water and nutrients from Fertilizer. This will help in the Hot months of July, August, September when watering your lawn to keep it green and lush. Leveling with Sand is normally 3X more expensive and provides no value other than leveling. Over time the root system will build it's own Organic Material which will help retain water and nutrients. For those who chose to skip the Loam generally know more about grass and have their own treatment plans that will add Organic Material(OG%) through the treatment program.