Cool and Warm Weather Weeds in Texas and How to Prevent Growth

Cool and Warm Weather Weeds in Texas and How to Prevent Growth

When it comes to your yard, weeds and other invaders can cause problems with both growth and visual appeal. Our Lawn Care Program, specializes in providing professional lawn care services for homes in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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While during the winter growth tends to slow when compared to the summer, there is still plenty of growth happening, especially when it comes to invading weeds. There are weeds that thrive in cooler weather and weeds that thrive in the heat of the summer, and we specialize in providing you with the care you need to mitigate the growth of both! If you are looking to optimize the growth of preferred plants in your yard, here is a guide on both cold and warm weather weeds and how to control them.

Our lawn care service is committed to providing some of the best law care services in Texas. Born out of a passion for the outdoors, our methods are tried, true, and research driven to create lawns any homeowner can be proud of. If you are looking to have a lawn that looks great and provides an incredible space for you to enjoy all year, get started with our lawn care services today.

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Cold Weather Weeds

When it comes to weed growth in winter, there are several culprits that can create difficulty in growing a healthy lawn:

  • Chickweed: Chickweed appears as a ground cover weed and has small, oval-shaped leaves about ⅛ to ¼ inch in diameter. While this plant is edible, it looks unattractive in yards and you should want to avoid this weed wherever you can.

  • Poa Annua (Bluegrass): Bluegrass is a very common cool weather weed in Texas and can choke out the grass you are hoping to grow in your yard.

  • Henbit: This flowering weed is a prolific grower that becomes incredibly difficult to remove once it has taken root.

  • Sow Thistle: Sow thistles are a noxious, year-round grower here in Texas and can cause problems in your yard

If you are looking to get rid of or prevent weed growth in your yard during the cold season, reach out about Lawn Care today to find out more about our law care services.

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Warm Weather Weeds

In Texas, there are many warm weather weeds that thrive in lawns across the state. However, there are several common weeds we address and prevent all the time:

  • Sow Thistle: As mentioned above, sow thistle grows all year in Texas — in both cold and warm weather. This weed has yellow flowers and is commonly confused with dandelion.

  • Crabgrass: Crabgrass spreads quickly and can cause growth problems when it comes to your yard. Most people are familiar with this weed, however, it produces coarse grass that can ruin a yard.

  • Goosegrass: Similar to crabgrass, goosegrass is a fast-growing grass that produces rolled-up leaves instead of flat ones when compared to crabgrass.

  • Dandelion: A very common weed, dandelion is a prolific grower and produces a yellow flower that eventually transforms into a white puff of seeds.

  • Other Broadleaf Weeds: There is a wide range of broadleaf weeds that grow here in Texas. From clover to aster weed, dollar weed, and spurge, all of them can cause issues in your lawn.

If you are looking to prevent or get rid of weeds during the warm months, get started with the process today!

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How to Prevent Growth

When it comes to preventing growth, applying pre-emergents to your yard is the main technique for attacking seeds before they can grow. Pre-emergent treatments prevent weeds from ever sprouting, helping to cut back on weed growth before anything can take over.

At CTXLL, we make sure to apply pre-emergents in spring and fall in order to prevent weed growth all year round. When it comes to the spring, we also do soil testing to help diagnose any potential problems — building a road map for yard growth success before summer comes to optimize positive growth. These two things combined can prevent you from having to put weed killer down in your yard during the heat of the summer and risk damaging your lawn. If you are looking to prevent weed growth in your yard, we can help! Reach out to us today to get started with the process.

All-Year Care

When it comes to year-round care, we provide all the services needed for a great-looking lawn. If you already have weeds growing in your lawn, we can knock them back and begin the control process so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Come springtime, we also make sure to start boosting the nutrients in the soil so that your lawn can grow quickly and healthily when the time arrives. From there, we provide mowing services to help stop the spread of weeds and keep your yard looking fresh.

When it comes to weed control, applying pre-emergents and watching the soil temps are the primary and most effective methods for protecting your lawn. If you are looking to prevent weed growth for the winter and summer, it’s time to reach out! When it comes to summer weed growth prevention, it’s important to get the process started before the month of March. In the fall, September is your virtual deadline. So whatever condition your yard is in, whether it’s pristine or overridden with weed growth, it’s vital that you get started with your lawn care services today! For lawn care you can trust in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas, reach out today!

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